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Are you interested in:

  • Opportunities and encouragement for daily moments of focus on YOU?

  • Guided support and tools for personal healing and self + soul care?

  • Deepening your spiritual connection, fostering personal growth and understanding?

  • Building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals on a path of self-discovery?


This new online membership space, Your Journey YOUniversity, is for YOU!

What's it all about?
It brings together individuals looking to cultivate self + soul care with guided support on their journeys. Attend this YOUniversity to learn about yourself at a deeper level and find companions along the way to support you. My tools, community, and personal guidance are focused on helping you create sustainable change through self-connection.

Journey Options.png

Please note: Only the free Community Journey is currently available. 

Choose your journey
Depending on which of the four available Journeys you choose, benefits include:

  • Monthly Personal Energy Forecast - An audio forecast specific to YOU delivered to your inbox every month.

  • A Few Moments for YOU Daily Energy Prompts - Encouragement to connect with yourself and universal energies each day.

  • Tools, Resources, and Practices - Guided meditations, embodied practices, expression activities, and more.

  • Take Five Practices - Exercises that take 5 minutes or less.

  • Sacred Space Discussions - Connect with others on healing and spiritual topics.

  • Share Your Experiences - Post pictures, poems, stories, etc., about your experiences for validation and support.


Join Today and Get a Free Trial!
You can join the Community Journey for free at any time and it will remain free. Or you can try out Journeys 1 and 2 with a two-week free trial to see what it's all about. There's even an app so you can connect on the go! 

Please join us! 

***When you get to the sign-up page using the button below, if you're on an iPhone and the plans show 'unavailable,' please use a computer to make your initial sign-up. Once you have signed up, you can download the Mighty Networks app on your iPhone and access the Your Journey YOUniversity network. Thank you for your patience and interest!***

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More About Me

I'm Jen Bonnett, an intuitive energy worker who explores the world creatively, primarily teaching people how to work with energy and themselves on a deep level. My goal is to cultivate space for you to release old beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional and energetic traumas so you can engage in deep self + soul care. I am certified as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide.

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