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Are you interested in:

  • Opportunities and encouragement for daily moments of focus on YOU?

  • Guided support and tools for personal healing and carving out a path toward liberated living?

  • Deepening your spiritual connection, fostering personal growth and understanding?

  • Building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals on a path of self-discovery?


This new online membership space, Your Journey YOUniversity, is for YOU!

What's it all about?
It brings together individuals looking to empower themselves with guided support on their journeys. Attend this YOUniversity to learn about yourself at a deeper level and find companions along the way to support you. My tools, community, and personal guidance are focused on helping you create sustainable change through self-connection.

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Choose your journey
Depending on which of the three available Journeys you choose, benefits include:

  • Monthly Personal Energy Forecast - An audio forecast specific to YOU delivered to your inbox every month.

  • A Few Moments for YOU Daily Energy Prompts - Encouragement to connect with yourself and universal energies each day.

  • Tools, Resources, and Practices - Guided meditations, embodied practices, expression activities, and more.

  • Take Five Practices - Exercises that take 5 minutes or less.

  • Sacred Space Discussions - Connect with others on healing and spiritual topics.

  • Share Your Experiences - Post pictures, poems, stories, etc., about your experiences for validation and support.


Join Today and Get a Free Trial!
You can join today with a two-week free trial to see what it's all about. There's even an app so you can connect on the go! 

This YOUniversity has been on my mind for over two years. I've spent the last couple of months working on bringing it into reality. I'm so excited to finally invite you to explore it! Please join us! 

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More About Me

I'm Jen Bonnett, a Creative Energy Guide who explores the world through creative means, primarily teaching people how to work with energy and themselves on a deep level. My goal is to help people release old beliefs, thought patterns, emotional and energetic traumas so they can live liberated, authentic lives. I am certified as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. Learn more about me.

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