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FREE - The Energy of Spring Journey Meditation

A free offering for email subscribers in celebration of the Spring season. All you have to do is sign up for my email list below, and you'll be able to access it! The link will be included in the welcome email you'll receive immediately after subscribing.

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Celebrate the Spring season with a special journey meditation from the comfort of your home.


Sunday, March 20 marks the Spring Equinox, a time when nature slowly and gently begins to wake from its winter slumber. The energy encourages connecting with yourself deeply to see what kind of new growth you want to nurture in your life through the year. Experience the abundant energy of Spring through this guided journey meditation. Also includes suggestions to create sacred ceremonial space before you start the journey. You will be left refreshed, and with a Seasonal Sensory Guide to help you engage with the energy of Spring for the entire season.


Sign up below and enjoy engaging with the energy of Spring!

Seasonal Sensory Guide

Connecting with the natural world has a way of clarifying our lives and the way we live them. Observing how nature moves through its cycles can help us learn how to move with more ease through the phases of our lives, allowing healing and growth to happen as a natural part of our experience. Our senses are incredible tools that can help us collect information from the world around us and aid the journey.


This guide encourages you to approach your exploration of Spring by indulging your senses to the fullest degree. Use as little or as much of the info in the guide as you wish, but let it encourage you to explore yourself and the season of Spring in a new way. 

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More About Me

I'm Jen Bonnett, a Creative Energy Guide who explores the world through creative means, primarily teaching people how to work with energy and themselves on a deep level. My goal is to help people release old beliefs, thought patterns, emotional and energetic traumas so they can live liberated, authentic lives. I am certified as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. Learn more about me.

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