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Many of us have lost touch with the natural passage of time, and are left feeling disconnected from our bodies and lives. Becoming more aware of each season as it passes connects us deeply to the natural world and to a sense of our connection with natural cycles. This engagement can help us make more informed decisions about how to spend our time in accordance with the energy of the season that is upon us.

That's why I'm excited to offer this course to help you sink deeper into the abundant season of Autumn by letting your senses lead the way. It breaks Autumn into three “mini-seasons” that allow you to delve more deeply into the specific energies associated with each phase of the season. The self-guided course consists of:

  • A 20-minute introductory video summarizing each of the mini-seasons

  • 1 downloadable Seasonal Sensory Guide

  • 3 downloadable Guides with Journals (one for each mini-season) that includes 2 sensory practices and 2 personal practices

  • 3 downloadable guided audio meditations (one for each mini-season)


The first module of the course, covering the Harvesting Mini-Season (mid-September to mid-October), is available now. The two additional modules, Clearing (mid-October to mid-November) and Celebrating (mid-November to mid-December), will be released near the start of the next two mini-seasons, October 15 and November 15, respectively.


Take advantage now and let yourself start moving with the flow of Autumn! You get all of this goodness for only $54. All components are downloadable and yours to keep and use in future Autumns. 

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