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Liberate! Journey Meditations

These guided journey meditations are based on the energy concepts that are explored in the Liberate! book. If you're new to journeying, these audios can give you a place to start. Not every energy journey in the book has an audio but explore the options below to see if any can assist you!
Good journey!  ~ Jen

Meditations and shamanic journeying allow you to explore yourself by having an experience in a deepened or altered state of consciousness. They are helpful for relaxation, shifting your energy and perspectives, connecting with your intuition and helper beings, and receiving information. Guided journey meditations allow you to experience these benefits in a safe and supported way. Remember - it's your experience, and you can't do it wrong. Whatever you experience is what you need at that moment. Breathe, relax, and open to the wisdom of the experience.


Here are a few suggestions to consider before you start one of the audio meditations below:

  • Lay or sit in a comfortable position, in a place where you will be undisturbed for 15-30 minutes.

  • Light a candle

  • Burn incense

  • Hold a stone or crystal

  • You may wish to record your experience as soon as you finish. Journey meditations can be like dreams in that the details begin to slip away quickly. 

Journey 1: Opening My Heart

Heart Cleansing & Opening Journey MeditationJen Bonnett
00:00 / 10:42

Journey 4: Harnessing My Passion

Tap into Passion Journey MeditationJen Bonnett
00:00 / 15:20

Journey 6: Inviting My Individuation

Human Being Interrupted Journey MeditationJen Bonnett
00:00 / 28:42

Journey 8: Journeying to My Joy

Shifting the Energy of Past Events Journey MeditationJen Bonnett
00:00 / 18:08

Journey 9: Accepting My Responsibility

Journeying to a Decision MeditationJen Bonnett
00:00 / 24:31

Journey 10: Reclaiming My Value

Journey Meditation to Reclaim Your ValueJen Bonnett
00:00 / 24:32
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