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Need a little insight on how to shift your energy? You're in the right place! The 40 cards in the Shifting Energy Guidance Deck help you see how to make a change in your energetic state. The cards combine intention, visualization, and body movements to empower you to shift your energy and make real changes in your life. Learn about the deck, purchase your copy, and give it a try for free with the Energy Oracle below!

Learn About the Deck

You can also find the deck and my book in western Maine at:
Your Journey Shop, 20 Main St (Back), Cornish, ME
The Sacred Self, 172 Main St, Cornish, ME

Energy Oracle

If you need a shift in energy, take a few moments and follow the steps below to choose a card from the Shifting Energy Guidance Deck for your current energetic needs. 

1) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
2) Focus on what you would like to receive guidance on around shifting your energy.
3) Use your mouse or finger to sort through the cards until you feel drawn toward one and select it. Click or double-click to go to the blog post for the energetic shift that you need at this time.
4) Read the message and participate in the visualization and body movement to help shift your energy. Take your time and repeat the movement until you begin to feel a shift. 

Good journey!  ~ Jen

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