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Designing an Intention Altar - Small Group Gathering ~ Wednesday, September 21


Changing your life is about learning to focus your energy and intention on what you want to shift. A personal altar is a marvelous and easy way to keep your focus on what you're changing. It can keep you motivated, inspired, connected to your intentions, and allow changes to come alive in your life.


This small group gathering will help you learn about and design an intention altar for your home. We’ll discuss the purpose of an intention altar, how to set one up, and look at several examples. You will also choose an intention, with the energetic guidance of Jen and Tarot/oracle cards, to help design your altar.


Includes a special gift to get your altar started, and altar items will be for sale through the Your Journey Pop-Up Shop to help you head home with a ready-to-set-up altar.


This gathering is limited to a total of 5 people.

Date: Wednesday, September 21
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Location: The Sage Room, 20 Main St, Cornish, Maine

Cost: $25 per person

Registration is required.

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