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On-Demand Tarot/Oracle Cards & Intuition Online Workshop

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Join a fun night to explore how you can easily work with Tarot and Oracle cards to develop and trust your intuition. Cards are a tool that have been used for a long time to engage with the subtle information of intuition and Spirit that can help us make the best decisions for ourselves. Harnessing the power of this tool to work with yourself confidently is immensely helpful on any path of self-discovery.

We'll talk some basics about the differences between Tarot cards and Oracle cards, then spend some time on exercises to help you engage your intuitive side. Attend if you want to deepen your intuition, learn to work with cards, or just play!

Feel free to bring your decks, but decks will be available to use. You may want to bring a notebook and pen. Anyone who attends will also receive a discounted rate on a personal Tarot Card Energy Reading with Jen.

Date: Wednesday, March 23
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Location: The Sacred Self, Cornish, Maine

Cost: $25 per person

Registration is required.

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