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Cultivating space for self + soul care on your journey!

Products & Readings


There are various ways you can engage with me: private sessions, long-term mentorship, or purchased products. If you're interested in a private session, I encourage you to come by the shop or contact me at (207) 751-4503 or to discuss the best option.

Private Sessions

  • Why work together?: To help you release challenges by cultivating self + soul care.

  • How we share your journey: Primarily through Shamanic Reiki Energy Sessions, Tarot Card Energy Sessions, and Mentorship Experiences. Purchased items from the Your Journey Shop can support these.

  • What I do: Pinpoint the energetic stumbling blocks causing challenges in your life and help you determine what tools and resources can help you release them.

  • What you do: Based on your intuition and my assessment, you work with your thoughts, emotions, body, energy, and spirituality to understand and release these stumbling blocks.


Let’s share your journey! If you’d like to discuss the best way to get started on this part of your journey, please contact me at (207) 751-4503 or

Clarity Call
About Jen

About Jen


My name is Jen Bonnett. I'm an intuitive energy worker who has studied intently and worked with energy as a certified Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and creator. Focusing on and learning about myself is what worked to create sustainable change and deep self + soul care for me. I'm now called to share what I've learned through tools and teachings to help YOU access the wisdom of your heart, mind, body, and soul. I hope you find something here that resonates with you. 

Good Journey ~ Jen

Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher or (207) 751-4503

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